Survey Results

We ran a survey to collect ideas and feedback on our preliminary plans. The idea of the survey was two-fold

  1. Get all class contacts activated and get communication reach to all our batch mates
  2. Get as much feedback as possible to make sure we have everyone heard

The survey was a short 30 sec one, and the links were shared on email and WhatsApp. Here are the results, which we believe will help us plan our event in an inclusive way



Overall we had 155 responses. Since we are little over 300 students, this is more than 50% response and we are told that for our batch, living a bit south of the digital divide, its a good number to get for an online survey.

Above figure gives a class-wise distribution of the responses. EA leads the pack with 33 response and E&C has 31 responses. Thanks to all class contacts for getting this mark!

How about attendance?

143 of the 155 responded confirm their interest in attending the event. Around 85% interested in coming with family, though 30% are not sure if their family cannot make it or not.

If we extrapolate this data to our 300+ total size, we should expect ~250 families to join.

Again, see the data


  • E&C appears to be the most family friendly community. 19 of the 31 respondents interested in attending with family.
  • Most of the MA guys plan to attend a gentlemen’s event! Only less than 50% interested in bringing family along. More work for the class co-ordinators to teach them family-life balance.

What are they interested in?

One of the questions that we faced in our early discussions was that – are people coming mostly to meet their classmates or will they be more interested in meeting the entire batch, instead of just the class. So we decided to ask this question. And here’s the verdict

  • 60% of the pack is looking forward to a batch level gathering and a class level gathering
  • 30% are driven by the idea of meeting their class mates, than meeting the entire batch


Above data gives the class level breakdown. As you can see

  • CB and MB are the most sociable! They overwhelmingly like class and batch gathering at priority
  • E&C is very much a small family wanting to do the small family get together! Most of them interested in meeting their own classmates. Too used to the Electronics Block tucked away in a corner of the campus

Date Preference

We started the event with an imaginary date of Aug 11/12 weekend. But it looks like it is sinking in well with the pack. Some people in the Middle East asked for late July possibility, since schools reopen mid Aug. Well, we thought, let us ask. And here is the response.

Day Preference

  • More than 50% are open to any weekend in Jul or Aug. (Just have the event and we will be there. Right spirit, guys!)
  • 25% prefer Aug 11/12 and 17% prefer Jul 22/23

Though the numbers show Aug 11/12 has a lead, this could be a close call. And Aug 11/12 had an incumbency advantage as well? (Its not politics, so no anti-incumbency)

Other comments

Many respondents left some comments. For publishing, we removed all the email / contact details from these comments. Here is the sanitized list

Should b more entertainment…

To be Well coordinated. We could get assistance of some event management team or good directors prior to the gathering. Also we can think of theme colours, theme songs and good presentations during the event. Also outcome should be some activities technical ,good deeds towards batchnates, teachers or outsiders

Wishing you the best. Looking forward to meet you all

Best wishes for the reunion !

Good luck guys. And thanks for the initiative 🙂

If the   get tgether ii   planning during the   Xmas holidays family   could have joined.

I suggest for a class level meeting with family and a batch level meeting without family.

Appreciate the efforts being taken in this Regard. Wish you all the very best!!

No person shall be left behind unnoticed at the end of this grand event. Suresh.K.C

I prefer late June early July or december

Great effort…thank you for organizing such an event

Kuch tho karo yaar. i m waiting anxiously, budda hogai

Batch get together at Kothamangalam , separate class get together in the evening in any of the hotels

I am ready for any activity planned. The meeting should be preferably informal.

Prefer one day hotel stay with classmates as batch mates are too big group.

We will meet

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