Sunil Nair

Where are you now and how had been your journey since you left MACE? 

 In KSEBL (Kerala State Electricity Board Limited) from 1997 onwards and still continuing. Presently working as Assistant Executive Engineer.In between had a brief stint(4.5 years) at Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority(SEW) as Transmission Planning Engineer.

Had an education of PGCPM(14 months) from IIM-K. Currently undergoing Part-time M.Tech in power systems in CET, Trivandrum

Furthering my interest in reading(pure literature) and modern technologies

Could you elaborate on your family, kids their areas of interest and other things that you may like to share ?

Wife- Asha- House wife- A wonderful cook and has acumen for events organisation

Daughter-Keerthana- Currently in 10 th – Flair for writing and reading- Writing poems and polishing it is her most interesting hobby

How do you feel about meeting old friends after a long gap?

Excited..To meet batch friends ..Our class friends often meet

What was your dream as a child? Did you ever think of doing what you do today?

Remember nothing of a dream as such. Just was with the flow

Are there any unique factors associated with MACE that you think contributed to your success in later life?

The diverse experiences on campus and off campus with friends and the travelling we had with our friends shaped us

How’s life in Sharjah?

When I was in Sharjah we had a vibrant MACE alumni there which helped me to integrate into the culture of that country quickly with able guidance of senior MACEians. And I enjoyed the MACE culture once again long after the campus years.

If you meet your own younger self in MACE today what would you say ?

Enjoy .. This is the best part of your life

Are you and family involved in any community activities/charity programs/political organisations/church /temple etc? What is your take on that? Why do you think it is important?

Charity should of course be there. But what left hand gives should not be revealed to right hand.

Did you have a role model while studying in MACE ? Why did that person influenced you?


What is the most memorable event from MACE that you may like to share?

Election campaigns, Mens Hostel Day, and South India tour

If you are to tell about the lowest and highest points in your 25 years of life, what would you say ? Any regrets ?

No regrets … In Hindsight there are no lowest and highest .. its all experiences of your journey

What is your advice to current and future students of MACE ?

Stay honest and try to build your communication skills ..nothing else matters

Finally did you have any nickname in MACE ? ( Assume it is alright to share)



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