Shirley Peter

  1. Where you are now and how had been your journey since you left MACE? Any new qualifications, serious hobbies since you left MACE?

Soon after declaration of our results, I started my journey to Mumbai in search of a job. My career started with a part time job in Navi Mumbai.

Presently I am settled in Nerul, Navi Mumbai and working for a Construction firm in the post of AGM-MIS.

God Almighty has taken me to this height which was not there even in my distant dreams… Thank GOD.

No new qualifications…

Hobbies… No serious hobbies other than listening to devotional songs…

  1. Could you elaborate on your family, kids their areas of interest and other things that you may like to share?

My better half Mr Jose Joseph is doing fabrication works, and we have only one daughter Ms. Ann Mary. She is presently studying in 12th (2017-18).

Ann is very good in singing and she is an active member of Church choir. She is also interested in drawing, painting as well as photography…

  1. How do you feel about meeting old friends after a long gap?

Very much EXCITED…..

  1. What was your dream as a child? Did you ever think of doing what you do today?

I never thought of becoming an Engineer in my childhood, I had a wish to be a Chartered Accountant (don’t know why I have wished for that..)

It was my father’s wish that I am here now and very much thankful for my life to him.

After going through various positions in my carrier, Life has put me here. Now rather than my technical skills my management skills are being utilised more in my present position and I am very much enjoying present stage of my life.

  1. Are there any unique factors associated with MACE that you think contributed to your success in later life?

Basically I was an introvert and had an inferiority complex within me while I joined MACE. It was my class mates and fiends who have changed me totally which helped me to come out of the shell. I cannot forget one of my classmates who have sponsored my MACE life totally in all means.

  1. As you live in Mumbai now, could you share some insights about your transition to life there? Any difficulties in integrating with locals there?

In Mumbai, initially I had some problem with language as to deal with locals and also labours, knowing Marathi or at least Hindi was essential. Even now I am not taking the risk of talking in Marathi, although I can understand that language very well.

Otherwise integrating with locals was smooth enough.

  1. If you meet your own younger self in MACE today what would you say?

Don’t be too serious with your studies… This life will never come back to you.. Learn to balance your studies with your other activities.. Enjoy your Campus Life…

  1. Are you and family involved in any community activities/charity programs/political organisations/church /temple etc? What is your take on that? Why do you think it is important?

My husband is an active member in the Malayali Samajam in our locality. During start of the academic year we used to do some help to some of the families who have financial difficulties. Myself and my daughter are members of our Church Choir.

  1. Did you have a role model while studying in MACE ? Why that person did influence you?

Not really.

  1. What is the most memorable event from MACE that you may like to share?

It was one of the Fridays during our first year (S1&2). Most of the “hours” were free except one in the afternoon. Some of us personally went and requested to that Sir (can’t recollect who was HE) whether he can come in the first half, so that we can go home afternoon. But to our disappointment he didn’t agree, rather he insisted us to be present for his class. Don’t know who took the initiative, a plan was made for movie and all the students cut the class and went for movie (Mass Cut). But Sir complained to our HOD (Elias Sir) and next day HOD called all of us to his room. He asked everyone who has taken the initiative. But to his surprise (and also ours) none of us revealed the person. Everyone told that they themselves have decided to cut the class. Elias Sir tried many ways to get that “ONE PERSON’S NAME” from us, but all in vain. At last Elias sir allowed us to go to our classes, but he appreciated our UNITY.

  1. If you are to tell about the lowest and highest points in your 25 years of life, what would you say? Any regrets?

Life has given me many ups and downs in this journey… But I STRONGLY BELIEVE.. “Each and everything happens for Good, Good & GOOD ONLY”

So no Regrets at all……….

  1. What is your advice to current and future students of MACE?

Scoring high marks should not be your ultimate aim, Along with pursuing your dream, try to learn values of life. The culture you develop in this stage will be the basics of your character.

  1. Finally did you have any nickname in MACE? (Assume it is alright to share)  

Don’t know if something was there… If yes… Please let me also know it…


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