Seby M Issac

Rai decided to bell the big cat.. here is how she tamed Seby M Issac over a few questions! 

Tell us about your voyage after MACE  

I believe this is about my career voyage.
After MACE, I did some basic computer course in Kottayam. Later joined Bion Computers in Bangalore as a customer support Engineer. Moved on to public sector undertaking Hindustan Zinc Limited after a few months as Management Trainee. Learned a lot and ruffled few feathers there and got transferred many times all across India from Rajasthan to Bihar. In between, put in my papers, and joined SWIL Ltd in Gujarat. Later withdrew my resignation (as HZL did not accept mine as I did not clear my bond as the management trainee) and joined back in Visakhapatnam. Later the PSU was divested to Vedanta group. I was part of the SAP implementation team. Moved from manufacturing into consulting by joining Satyam. Worked in many roles in Satyam, Cognizant, Atos and IBM. Joined Shell India few months back.

I have heard that you also found a family in between these expedition. Can you throw some light on that too

Yes. Met a pretty young Rajasthani girl in HZL colony and fell for her. Eloped and got married in Gandhinagar. We are happily (well, most of the times) married for the last 20 years and are blessed with a daughter and a son both in early teens.

Being a typical female, I’m anxious about some funny incidents in MH. Would you please throwback to some MH stories.

 Shhh… You won’t want to hear about the things that I did :-[

You were always at the warfront of college politics, could you please recollect some instances?

I used to be at the front of good things and bad things, excelled at both 🙂  Probably was good at organizing things and instigating people.

Heard that a prominent sakhavu used to spy for you and sometime saved you from attacks from enemies (now your best buddies) of opposite political background. Is it correct?

 No, no one ever spied for me or on me. Never heard about that. All of my political opponents are still my good friends. One has to confirm whether he thwarted any attempts to physically harm me. Someone would certainly have had a hand as I was on the receiving end of physical violence only once in MACE even though there were ample reasons for me getting my back kicked.

Some of our comrades say, that you protect others and acted as a tough warrior with a good heart hidden in you? What do you think?

That is what I also think. I have a skill for attracting controversies and to get blamed for things I never did. Most of the times I had to be silent to protect my friends and my silence was misinterpreted as confirmation. People who start the issues fade away soon and I get highlighted as the main protagonist.

Saw the photos of a Bale in your FB. Please tell us about your social life. 

Every year, HZL used to have dance competitions across its units. I had a part as Shiva in a dance drama / ballet where the Rajasthani girl I mentioned earlier was Parvathi. After a lot of rehearsals of Shiva marrying Parvathi, we realized that our frequencies matched and tied the knot for real. BTW, i login to facebook once in an year normally.

What will you advise to the young MACEians?

 They are doing good. Just stay away from “bad influences”, but be bold and adventurous 🙂

How you feel about our Techie Bash “ Throwback 92’

Looking forward to meet fellow MACEians and relive the good old days.

You did have a nickname. Want to share that? And the story behind it?


Originally I was called “Bhayankara Bhaskaran” by some one in Pooyamkutty Lodge (was that George?) for my bhayankaram activities, but quite easy to be called Pakkaran later by all others.



  1. Excellent interview! Both questions from Rai and answers from Seby are great! It is really interesting to hear from Seby the story of Bhayankara Bhaskaran becoming Pavam Pakkaran 🙂 It was a real surprise for me when I got a phone call from Seby an year ago, as a starting point of our batch jubilee meet plan. I never thought of getting a chance to talk to him, due to the “Bhayankara… ” image we girls had about him in our college. I was really glad to talk to him just as to any other batch mate, one well among us all. … 🙂


  2. Quite nicely done..infact , Sebi was a revelation when I shook hands with him in a recent lunch do at Bangalore.. couldn’t believe the mellowed gentleman who even rose from his chair (as I almost fell from mi e😀) greet me..after good 25 years post we bumped into each other inside Sridhar movie hall at cok for a Shwarznegger flick..well, life is lived in full circles ..had met and posted pics with someone from the’ other side ‘ in d infamous chilli powder incident too , last week..Royson too reminded about d past and campus days pretty similar to how Seby looks at those today too..time heals ..sets right most of the stuff😀


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