Roby John

  1. Where are you now and how had been your journey since you left MACE? Any new qualifications, serious hobbies since you left MACE?

I am in Dubai now. After leaving MACE I did an Honours Diploma in Systems in NIIT and moved to the software field. While working in a software company in Kochi relocated to Dubai with my husband. I worked in Standard Chartered Bank Dubai for 16 years. Taking a break now and trying to settle down as a homemaker.

  1. Could you elaborate on your family, kids their areas of interest and other things you may like to share ?

My husband JOHN is also from MACE (90 batch Electrical). He is working as an MEP Manager in a contracting Company in Dubai named BESIX. We have 2 daughters Nita & Neha. Nita is a 2nd year MBBS student in JSS Medical College, Mysore. Neha is in 9th standard studying in Dubai.

Nita was aiming to be doctor from her early age. Hence was concentrating more on her studies. She was interested in dancing. Neha is good in singing and has participated in inter school Music Competitions & is a part of church Choir. She is also good at public speaking. 

  1. How do you feel about meeting old friends after a long gap?

Looking forward to meeting all my old friends. Very much excited. 

  1. What was your dream as a child? Did you ever think of doing what you do today?

My dream was to become a teacher . My father’s wish was to make me a doctor. Hence made me appear for both the entrance Exams. Was successful only in the Engineering Exam. Became an engineer. And finally ended up working in a Bank in I.T Department first and then in Performance management. Never ever thought of this. But no regrets. Enjoying my life now.

  1. Are there any unique factors associated with MACE that you think contributed to your success in later life?

 I was basically an introvert. It was the first time I was studying in a mixed college. Hence was a bit scared in the beginning.  MACE and my friends helped me to develop my inter personal skills and mingle with everyone.

  1. Please could you share some insights about your transition to life in Dubai? Any difficulties in integrating with others?

We relocated to Dubai with the same intention that everyone had i.e. to make money. Though I am in Dubai it is just like staying in Kerala. We are able to follow all our customs and traditions & religious activities. Thanks to the Rulers here. At the same time got a chance to mingle with all the other nationalities. It is an amazing experience. It is a lovely place to live in. The locals over here are wonderful people who give due respect to others especially ladies.

The only drawback is that we are far away from our parents especially now as they are very old.

  1. If you meet your own younger self in MACE today what would you say ?

Enjoy your College life as much as possible. This is the best part of your life.

  1. Are you and family involved in any community activities/charity programs/political organisations/church /temple etc? What is your take on that? Why do you think it is important?

Honesty speaking nothing much except for going to church every Friday as I was very busy in Office / Home. But now as I have time planning to get involved in some voluntary activities.

  1. What is the most memorable event from MACE that you may like to share?

There are lots. Hence confused.

  1. If you are to tell about the lowest and highest points in your 25 years of life, what would you say ? Any regrets ?

There had been lot of ups and downs in my life. But believe that everything happens for good. No regrets

  1. What is your advice to current and future students of MACE ?

Enjoy your life as much as possible now. Don’t be too serious about subjects. Because you never know what you are going to do in life.

Roby John



  1. Roby, I don’t know you remember me., Shymol from EB. It is so lovely to see your picture and know about you. What an amazing journey….


    1. I remember you well Shymol. You were my roommate in LH for one year right ? Those days you were my only friend there. I always think of you. But was not able to get in touch. Hope to meet you on 12th August.


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