Reena Sebastian

  1. Where are you now and how had been your journey since you left MACE? Any new qualifications, serious hobbies since you left MACE?

I am settled in Cochin. I have been teaching Engineering Students since 1993. After EEE from MACE I graduated in ECE from IEI, Calcutta. My M Tech is in Applied Electronics. I did my MBA and then my Ph.D in MEMS. At present I am HoD of EEE @ KMEA Engineering College, Edathala, Aluva.

  1. Could you elaborate on your family, kids their areas of interest and other things you may like to share?

My husband CHERIAN runs ELECTROCOM, an Electrical Service Industry in Pettah Jn. Cochin. Our Daughter RESHMA is a Tax Consultant in Deloitte Hyderabad and son RAHUL is preparing for Engineering Entrance Examination after his 12th Standard from Toc h Public School, Vyttilla.

  1. How do you feel about meeting old friends after a long gap?

Eagerly looking forward to meeting all my old friends.

  1. What was your dream as a child? Did you ever think of doing what you do today?

My dream was to become a teacher. My father wanted me to become a Journalist. My Pre-Degree teachers from Assumption College, Changanacherry made me appear for engineering entrance exam.

  1. Are there any unique factors associated with MACE that you think contributed to your success in later life?

It was the first time I was studying in a mixed college. Hence was a bit scared in the beginning.  Our Teachers @ MACE actually made me love Engineering Subjects which helped me to guide and mentor so many Engineering Students in the past 24 years as a teacher. As my parents, sister and brother were settled in Ahmedabad, our Teachers @ MACE were my local guardians. Even our Principal, Isaac Sir had given me full freedom to rush into his room if I needed any help. My hostel mates taught me how unselfishly one can live for others. They looked after me, took me to Hospital, and stayed awake all night when I suffered horrible attacks of asthma.

  1. Please could you share some insights about your transition to life as a teacher? Any difficulties in integrating with others?

My prayer group activities and Jesus Youth life @ MACE had helped me to grow a lot. So integrating with any type of people was always easy.

  1. If you meet your own younger self in MACE today what would you say?

Enjoy your College life as much as possible. This is the best part of your life.

  1. Are you and family involved in any community activities/charity programs/political organizations/church /temple etc? What is your take on that? Why do you think it is important?

My husband is a Lions Club member. So we are connected to club activities in Cochin. Being connected to Church and Jesus Youth related activities keep me in touch with Jesus Youth of MACE even today.

  1. What is the most memorable event from MACE that you may like to share?

There are lots. The day our Principal, Isaac Sir gave me Rotary Endowment Award for scoring highest marks in Geometrical Drawing in  our batch, is unforgettable .

  1. If you are to tell about the lowest and highest points in your 25 years of life, what would you say? Any regrets?

There have been ups and downs in life. But I believe that everything happens for good. God has unique plans for each one of us. So no regrets at all.

  1. What is your advice to current and future students of MACE?

Enjoy your life as much as possible now. Don’t be too serious about small problems in life. Because you never know what tomorrow will bring into your life. Bloom wherever you are planted. Be a blessing to each and every person God sends into your life’s way.

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  1. Reena, To you and all others in profession from our batch. It takes immense courage, patient and hardwork. I amazes me . Lovely !!


    1. Reena, really inspiring and nice advice to the upcoming youth. Good to see the family, may God bless u all abundantly.


    2. correction to my comment: Reena, To you and all others in Teaching* profession from our batch. It takes immense courage, patience* and hard work. It amazes me . Lovely !!


  2. Hi Reena, thanks for sharing the blessings of being a teacher. Great to see your family and get updates . Looking forward to meet you in AUgust


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