Mini James( Minima)

Neethi presents Mini Mathew

It is only around three weeks left for the much awaited reunion in our college. Looking back, there were a few people who were silent achievers in our batch. This time we like to introduce someone who was quiet, sharp and outgoing but kept all under the radar.  She was also my remote control to stop me from talking too much. A rank holder, but a friend to be with – please meet Minima from Electrical A.

Hi Minima, could you tell the batcmates where are you now and how had been your journey since you left MACE?

Soon after leaving MACE, joined VSSC for apprenticeship training, then marriage in the midst of training, went to Karaikudi, T.N with my husband working in CSIR. After 5 years got appointed in KSEB and still continuing the job

One burning question I have- How did you manage to have an eventful life and still could appear in the wall of honor in MACE?

Actually I had planned to quit B. Tech course after one year due to severe home sickness. I was compelled to remain there for one year since admissions for all other courses were over. After one year my attitude changed…of course, my roommates and friends had influenced me for the decision change. All that I could say now is that I was only an instrument in the Hands of Almighty.

My Goodness! none of us knew you had such plans to quit like Bindu B Menon from Civil . Thank God, you didn’t. I guess we room mates were fun enough to reduce your homesickness 🙂

Could you elaborate on your family, kids their areas of interest and other things that you may like to share? I know your daughter sings very well. Is she doing any training in that line?

Husband Dr.James Joseph, Principal Scientist in CSIR. Elder daughter Dona completed B.Tech course in 2017 and now undergoing GATE coaching at ACE, Hyderabad. Younger one Della in XII th std. Della is interested in singing, but not trained in that line. She used to play keyboard for Holy Mass at Church.

That is wonderful to know. So now the kids are in our shoes enjoying the same journey that we had once.  Let me ask – what would be the one thing you could like to do when we go back to Mace? How do you feel about meeting old friends after a long gap?

Visit canteen and have a cup of coffee, but I think it could not be materialized since we’ll be there on Sunday holiday Eagerness is there to meet friends after a long gap. At the same time I have doubt whether I could recognize many.

 I wish we can ask our organsing committee to accommodate that special request.  If you meet your own younger self in MACE today what would you say?

Enjoy well…..this is the golden time in your life

 What is the most memorable event from MACE that you may like to share?

Birthday Celebrations at L.H. We used to go to town and enjoy the treats every time, regardless any tests or exams or assignments due next day.It was such fun.

Did you have any other nick name other than Minima

Nothing other than ‘Minima’ in my knowledge

Thank you Minima for sharing your thoughts with the group. Throwback is going to be quite memorable!

Mini Mathew _EA
Mini Mathew (EA)

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