Arul P.P

Although we were always in touch and I know A-Z about you, for others who don’t know you well, let me start asking about your journey after MACE and about your family.

 Sure , I am working as a Sr Electrical Engineer handling FM facilities of ADNOC Headquarters building Abudhabi. My wife Indu is a Science teacher in Sharjah Indian School. My son Aravind is doing his 12th and preparing for a profession same as mine in Engineering field. He plays Guitar & even recites Malayalam poems. My daughter Ananya is in 6th. She has a passion for dance and English music. I must say the journey has been great professional wise and family wise.

Arul you were sort of a legend (‘Sambhavam’) in the golden history of EA batch. How do you reflect on that?

EA batch was an impossible blend of exotic flavours, I had no choice other than falling in love with them all and they all loved me back with doubled intensity.

 But you were an invisible hub in the thick and thin and good and bad for the EA batch. The most loved person. How did you manage to do that?

I am basically from Kanjangad (കാഞ്ഞങ്ങാട് കാരൻ) where life is still tranquil, vibes are still serene, leaves are still green and flowers are still yellow. That would have helped.

And you are the grandson of the great mystic poet P. Kunjiraman Nair of Malayalam (മഹാകവി പി

Blessed be the great soul him. I have always admired grandpa from a distance. He lived among stars….It is not easy to follow ‘കവിയുടെ കാൽപാടുകൾ’ (Autobiography of P)

 Tell us about the meditation trips your gang used to have to Thundam (Near Boothathan Kettu)

Yes, Thundam was our favourite get away spot. We used to immerse our bodies in the waters of Periyar and our minds in the waters of Matha bar or 14th no. Shapp. Those meditations inevitably used to bring out the expected result: a corporal Nirvana!

 Who was the craziest bike rider? Chinungan (Satheesan V K)  or me?

Chinungan. He made me land in the middle of NH 47, in sitting posture, with a heavy backpack, in one of those freak accidents. I just sat there for 10 minutes or so. You too were a crazy rider man! But used to get away with it somehow. You know what I remember most ?  Our Munnar trip in 4 bikes with 3 accidents on the way. Funny part is each time I changed the bikes as  a passenger I was lucky enough not to be involved in any of the accident. Entire trip was full of incidents 🙂

Naughty question. What was your pick? GD (Geometrical Drawing) or Masters of the universe? (Private joke. Batches other than EA please excuse)

None. Both super Criti.

Final one. Pappi would you please, please make it to the grand meet on Aug 12th? Without you EA batch is going to be half in size?

I had a recent job change. I am trying my best to make to the grand meet. Love you

Arul P P (EA)
Arul P P (EA)

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  1. Super Pappi!!!!
    You are one of those persons, whose silent signature I still see at times, in my thoughts and actions, after all these years.
    Can’t forget how you guided me in studies during 1&2 semesters
    Stay blessed Pappi ….


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