The day I left those hills and valleys,

The day I left those hills and valleys,

Excited, hopeful and charged in full

Like a butterfly coming off the cocoon,

My heart was yearning to explore the world unknown.

I was not disappointed, there was plenty to ponder.

Then one fragile moment, I wondered ‘Where did all the time go’?

Like a reflection in a billabong, sometimes it stood still.

At times we played hide and seek, but time always won.

I woke up from my dreams and looked around to see,

Whom did I carry and whom did I leave behind?

It shouldn’t be hard when I have these modern friends.

Google and Facebook are whom I trust today.

But twenty five years is a long way to travel back,

My memory also has silver lines and I was flying solo in strange places.

Then I heard a calling ‘you are not alone, we’re all the same’

I slowed down and listened to it with all my ears,

I saw all my friends, eager to meet and connect again.

For we belonged to the same friendly place, the backdrop of our fond memories,

Did we all leave a piece of ourselves there?

It surely witnessed some of our trials and triumphs.

From the footprints on the walk ways to the paper planes stuck on ceilings,

Echoes in the corridors to the stick figures on the desks,

From  the tensions of exams to the  excitement of music and dance,

There are plenty of moments waiting for a recall.

Returning to my alma mater, I feel the warmth,

I feel the colours and lightness of a butterfly once again.

Twelve volt or eleven kV, the energy is still alive,

All it needed was a channel to flow and connect to the next dot.

Excited, hopeful and charged in full

Here I come, dears, let’s all throwback!



  1. Neethi.. poetry is something bi haven’t had the courage to touch in any language…well, you have made it look smooth .. kept it candid..even with the layers that carry the theme off beautifully..keep at it m’m..stay blessed

    Liked by 1 person

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