When we make it Homeward…..

I have not turned my steps toward the East Mountain for so long

I wonder how many times the roses have bloomed there….

The white clouds gather and scatter again like friends

Who has a house there now to view the setting of the white moon?

                                                            (By: Li Bai)


As we made our way to the stone balcony of the house which overlooked the Ganges, he said affectionately:

“I shall give you my ashrams and all I possess”

“Sir I came for wisdom and God-realization. Those are your treasure-troves I am after!”

The swift Indian twilight had dropped its half-curtain before my master spoke again. His eyes held unfathomable tenderness.

“I give you my unconditional love”

Precious words! A quarter-century elapsed before I had another auricular proof of his love. His lips were strange to ardour; silence suited his oceanic heart.

      (By: Yogananda Paramahansa, Chapter 10:  Autobiography of a Yogi)


“I been knocked down so many times

Counted out 6, 7, 8, 9

Written off like some bad deal

If you’re breathing you know how it feels

Call it karma, call it luck

Me, I just don’t give a

Bounce, Bounce Nothing’s gonna keep me down

Bounce, Bounce Stand up, shout it out

Bounce, Bounce I play hard, I play to win

Count me out, count me in

I’ll be bouncing back again

                                                            (By: Bon Jovi, Bounce)               



രവിയേയും കുട്ടികളെയും മാധവേട്ടനെയും മാറി മാറി നോക്കി, ഏതോ  ഗാഢമായ സന്ദേഹമകറ്റിയശേഷം അപ്പുക്കിളി സമ്മതം മൂളി.

“അവിടെ ചെന്നിരിക്കൂ” രവി പറഞ്ഞു

“ഇരിയ്ക്ക്,” മാധവൻ നായരും ഉപദേശിച്ചു

അപ്പുക്കിളി മുൻനിരയിൽ സ്ഥലം പിടിച്ചു

പോകുമ്പോൾ മാധവൻ നായർ പറഞ്ഞു, “നല്ലോണം  പഠിക്കണം കേട്ടോടാ അപ്പുവേ, പഠിച്ചു പഠിച്ചു എഞ്ചിനീയർ ആകണം കേട്ടോ”

                                               (By: O V Vijayan, Khasakkinte Ithihaasam)


Papa kehte hain bada naam karega

Beta hamara aisa kaam karega

Magar yeh to koi na jaane

Ke meri manzil hai kahan


                       (Lyrics By: Majrooh Sultanpuri, Movie: Qayamat se Qayamat tak)


Friends should encourage one another in the contest life. They should save one another from error by sharing their knowledge – just as they should save one another from hunger by sharing their food. They should push one another forward to win the divine prize

                                                      (Rig Veda 10:71.7-8, 10-11)


Jesus spoke up “There were ten who were healed; where are the other nine? Why is this foreigner the only one who came back to give thanks to God?”

                                                      (Bible: Luke 17: 17-18)


                                                                                                             Compiled by: Rajesh M Jose


  1. That’s a wonderful compilation.RMJ …only you could have compiled Jesus and OVV in one key strike !
    Thinking of Simon and Garfunkel who sang ” Homeward Bound”..

    Homeward bound,
    I wish I was,
    Homeward bound,
    Home where my thought’s escaping,
    Home where my music’s playing,
    Home where my love lies waiting
    Silently for me.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Thanks Eby 🙂
    Connecting with hearts (like we used to do as boys) gives me immense pleasure.
    Thanks for all the responses I received in public and private…..
    Heart warming 🙂
    Bounce and Throwback !!!


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