Selfie wonner and a Milestone

Whn Jessy Sebastian cent her fully photo shopped (wink..wink) and all smiling pichar, in a purfectly timed mannuver, V have a wonner of 100th selfie awad!.

Woo..Hooo! Congratulations Jessy, you are set!.  Jessy crabs ഒരു കോടിയുടെ വില്ല ! Prcentasion vill b on Aug 12.

We also reeched a milestone today. 50K views on

Incredible MACE 92 Summer Batch. Throwback, Throwback Throwback!!

50K TBO 21 july2017
50K TBO 21 july2017


Disclaimer: Throwback team not responsible for any consequences of this awad,  and പുറകോട്ട്‌ എറിയല്‍…legal or otherwise.


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