A Virtual Reality Ride in MACE Campus

30 days to MACE. We will be at the campus that we all came in with a lot of hopes and expectations 30 years ago. In the last 30 years much has changed. Here is a 300 sec virtual ride we have put together for you. Sit tight and enjoy your ride!

Here is the question for you – One building is missing from this ride. Can you identify which building it is? And why is it missing?


  1. Hari..Pramod.. we all had walked thru the mace campus on july third. Is HS II hostel missing from the video? It’s behindHS I. So maybe we all mssed its video


  2. Guys behind this video spent too much time in and around Matha bar which is crystal clear in the video. Because of Matha’s spirit & energy, they forgot the usual route to MACE via LH & took the direct route. Therefore LH is missing from video. (or they may lost the old spirit & braveness at 47s!).
    Congrats to those hands behind this🙌


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