30 days

In 30 days
We would have about 30 hours
To reunite with batch-mates we first met 30 years ago.

Time to sift through memories of perhaps the best years of youth
When we crossed the portals of MACE
Each of us caressing a dream
Our untamed spirit eager to be enriched with knowledge.

Time to gently rekindle the bond of friendship
To relive our multiple foibles
And be grateful that we were granted an opportunity
To get caught up on the years in between.

Time to look around and see what evolved at MACE
To be humbled again in the presence of our esteemed teachers
And walk through the roads which led us to conquer our own little world
And carve a niche for ourselves.

Time is now
Where would you rather be in 30 days?
I would be amongst you in a heartbeat!!!
Would you?

Meena Krishnan (Sarma)

Note: In response to ‘”Meeting in 30 days. Your thoughts?”, Meena wrote this beautiful poem ’30 days’. This was written in 30 mins, for the batchmates she met 30 years ago, who she will be meeting in 30 days and will be spending around 30 hrs. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to answer her question in the last stanza, as a comment.


  1. Yes Meena. I would rather be there- in the middle of all the action to Rewind,Rebond and Rekindle.
    This may be once in a life time opportunity to meet my classmates and batchmates. The thought itself is very exciting.
    I don’t remember even the names of 50 plus subjects we learnt ; but MACE sure taught us many life lessons and survival skills. I do want to go back to the campus. So, see you all soon.

    This is very nicely done poem. Please write often and share your talents with us. We have http://www.Throwback92.com to share with our batch. so waiting for next article.

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