From the Editors’ desk

Life is like riding a bicycle.

Just two weeks back, we lost one of us. Santhosh was a silent member of our batch, who had but left lasting memories in all those who had any interaction with him. We were expecting him to meet him for our event with his most endearing greeting ‘Ennadaave’- but life had other plans for him.

Its time for us to heal ourselves, reconnect and stay tight. For Life is a journey, not a’s the journey that counts. Lets make it count for one another and keep moving holding hands.

To keep  the balance, we must keep moving forward….


  1. As we move forward,
    Let us pray for the Courage and Grace to:
    Love more than we are loved
    Give more than we receive
    Serve more than we are served
    And stay hungry, poor and foolish
    For the Journey is,
    Inevitably from physical to ethereal
    Where life is complimented by death
    And death is demystified by a glorious resurrection
    Like the fluent smile of dearest Kappai

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