Santhosh George..ഓട്ടം പൂര്‍ത്തിയാക്കി

Left us : May 23, 2017

Tragedy hits again. Santhosh George from Civil B passed away in a terrible accident in Guelph, Ontario(Canada). A life taken away with out notice. Dincy lost her beloved husband; 4 children- their dear Dad; Parents- their Son. Immense loss forever!Our prayers and heartfelt condolences to the family.

To us- we lost a batchmate, a class mate, a friend, a lodge mate…. we lost കാപ്പായി.

Santhosh, we remember your smiling face, easy going and friendly nature and much more. Good Bye Santhosh. Until we meet again, Namaste!


Please pay your tribute, share the memories and celebrate his life. Add them as comments to this post;we all mourn differently.

Today, remember to cherish your own life. Hold your loved ones little longer; Hug them little harder; Spend some extra time with your kids. It is in those little moments that life happens. Those moments are the only meaningful things we leave behind, when our turn comes.

Hugs to you all!


Kappai through pictures


  1. Dear Kappaai,
    We will surely miss your ….’Ennadaave…
    You have visited my house…and that one visit has left a lasting impression even on my parents… As I broke the news today…. my mother came up asking …what happened to Kappaai……such was the connect you managed in such a short time…and….there is nothing like being remembered for a the few precious moments shared….
    Live long you will in our hearts….
    As a beacon of uncomplicated simplicity….

    In this hour of grief, praying to God for Dincy and children…

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  2. “മരണം വരുമൊരു നാൾ ഓർക്കുക മർത്യാ നീ
    കൂടെ പോരും നിൻ ജീവിത ചെയ്തികളും
    സൽക്കർമ്മങ്ങൾ ചെയ്യുക നീ അലസത കൂടാതെ”
    My dear Santhosh, the above lines are true about you. It is because of your character, you are still with us despite of no contact at all for last 25 years. A lot of our friends remember your surprise visit to their office, home or even accidental meeting on the streets while you were in Kerala. Why you were saying Last Goodbye to all?
    We all will pray for you, dear Kappai to reach Eternal Kingdom as soon as possible. Offer all our prayers to Dincy, children and other family members to survive this toughest stage of their life.
    Let us all gather and pay our respect to Santhosh and offer our prayers.
    വിട സുഹൃത്തേ ദൈവരാജ്യത്തിൽ വീണ്ടും കണ്ടുമുട്ടുവോളം.


  3. My dear friend, I never saw you even once after we left college. But your height, accent and smile was forever entrenched in my memory. I feel like I have lost someone very close to me. I mourn your death with a heavy heart. And I pray to the Almighty to give your family the courage to endure your sudden loss. I don’


  4. Even in my worst nightmares, I ever thought of writing an obituary on Santosh (Kapai). Only ten days back, I penned down a few words on each of my classmates to be published in this site. The below paragraph I had typed on Kapai.

    Tall, soft spoken guy. He was one of my roommates along with Gejo and Makri (Abraham). During that time, he had taken some fancy on learning guitar. With two existing musicians Gejo and Makri in the room, I was the only monkey left without a tail. Luckily for me, Kapai left that passion in between and started going to the Gym with me (near the college bus stop). In between the weight lifting workouts, he used to check in the mirror how much the muscles have “bulged out”. After a few weeks, our eyes started “bulging out” due to exhaustion and we gave up the “muscle building programme”. Sadly, country lost two “bahubalees”.

    Today, we are virtually staring at darkness with our dear Kapai gone forever. Many of us are still struggling to align with the reality and we can imagine what his beloved wife, parents, siblings and the little kids are going through.

    It is difficult to forget the tall, witty, wiry character who was always seen with the shortest guys in the class (Hybeen and Pakku). I have seen him in angry moods, but I have never seen him talking ill about anyone. Possibly, one of the sweetest guys in our class.

    We pray for his soul and we pray for his family too.

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  5. നാടകം തുടരുന്നു. Remembering A fine human being. Santhosh. Your cheerful face is still in our memory.


  6. When I saw few missed calls on Thursday morning my mind said something has gone wrong… and when I called back Benni, Mech B, heard the terrible news that was going around.

    My memory on Santosh goes back to 1988 when he was staying in Janatha lodge, Muvattupuzha for some time during S3 examinations. That friendship went on until we finished our college. After college we were together to learn CAD at Cochin University. In 1994 I moved to Dubai and within few months Santosh reached Dubai. Our friendship flourished over the years. Day and night we used to call, meet, party along with other MACEians in Dubai. Due to our close relationship never felt that we are in another country. For next four years we were together until I got married. Our batch mates like Salim, Ajai MC, Ajai NR, Jibyachan, Faizal, Arul, few common friends were all part of peer group.
    The gentle mannered Santosh used to crack lot of jokes, keeping us in good spirits. To tell specifically, he was so careful while driving then and later also. Its irony that he ended up in an accident. Hearing his demise my memory is going through day by day interaction we had in those golden days.
    When he decided to migrate to Canada, I felt it as a personal loss, but thought he is going to build a bright future there. He did progress in that way. I had the opportunity to visit his home there. It was his passion towards home and affection towards his parents he moved back to Kerala 4 years ago. When I inquired him about that move he told me that “my parents are getting old, let me spent some good time with them.” He wanted his children to learn wisdom from their grandparents too. That was Santosh, a complete family man.
    Now that’s all history. Praying to give the courage for Dincy, and family members to come out of this terrible loss. Dear Santosh will miss you for ever ….


  7. Reading all the posts here, I get a clear picture of a great friend and family man whom I didn’t know well enough . Only wishing that the family gets the courage to face the life as it comes. Also reminds us of the vulnerability of our lives. RIP Santhosh.

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