Outplay..Class pride is at stake

Exactly, stakes are high. This is how the classes responded for series test-3.

Especially calling out Mechanical A. Did you see that? No one attempted.Get on the board!!

You have one more chance to outplay other classes. Open for Today only!! .

Here is the Series Test for this week– ‘അറിഞ്ഞില്ലേ സംഭവം’.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 10.39.45 AM


      1. Mini is serving BSNL at Shillong , she opted Shillong for 2 years as hard tenure when she had to opt s place for transfer due to long stay in one place …. she is through by 6 months now….

        I and kids are here in Mumbai … with MIL …


    1. Very Nice to see you here Shyam. I am taking your request personally to translate the Series test. Coz I don’t want you to fail . For you Shyam and others who can not read malayalam, Here you GO!

      1.How many weeks for our program
      2. What is the name of our event?
      3. Throwback92

      3. Which the background song for our event promo video?
      1. Oru Vattam Koodiyen
      2. Aayiram kannumaayi kaathirunnu..
      3. I have not seen the video yet. where is it?
      4. Kabhi Alvidha Na Kahna

      4. Whos is the artist coming to our program
      1. Girly
      2. Ranjini Jose
      3. Nivin Pauly
      4. Manju Warrier

      5. If you can bring an item from our Mace days to the jubilee meet, what would that be?e.g. Record book, college magazine, T-square, workshop uniform..etc
      [Enter the item. this is not a multiple choice question)

      6. Which class are you from?

      Note: If you promise me you will be regular here, then I promise you bilingual tests..Deal?

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  1. Well the first question does not have a right option also since time reference is dynamic as the earth is still rotating and revolving since the question was fran d … nor does it have … None of the above option ..

    2) Throwback 92 …seems the right choice here unless I am really dumb to assess from the hints that is clearly yelling Throwback…

    3) I am really not aware of any video … so I need to take wild guess here … My answer in the circumstances is 3) … I need to c

    4) I guess other than Girly all are very popular celebrities… so I am really dumb to take a choice here … who on earth knows who would come …

    Let me stick to the odd .. 1) Girly … no regrets if it is a wrong answer but would like to know who is this personality and how did she qualify here …

    5) this is not a multiple choice … so I prefer the etc in that … as I don’t have any, other than some rusted memories …

    6 ) looks like a test question designed for spam users … or a test of retarded amnesia syndromes …
    I was with E & C …. I can confidently vouch and count on this answer …

    Thank you for this scary opportunity bestowed and for the teasing twisters on an old age fabric embedded in the so called memory of the assumed brain matter, whose location was fatefully abandoned since 25 years … rediscovered though …

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