100 days and counting (down)….

Remember the waiting shed at the College Junction?
Good news is that its just 100 more days of waiting
The waiting shed was not meant for people who wait with a purpose. Or a time. Or a person. It was a place for anyone. For there is no beach in Kothamangalam. There were no malls. No parks. And not even a nice place in the campus. For some it was just an undeclared smoking area.
How long have we been in this waiting shed? When we said “See you soon” to our friends, in fact we had no idea which bus and which direction are they heading – nor which shed we are going to be waiting for them, if at all we were to wait. Yet we waited. For no one. And for no specific time.
Some things in life are worth the wait!
In due course we found some of the old friends getting down unknown buses. Some of them passed a smile as they got on to their new destinations. A few of them whom we did not know before. Some of the “see you soon” buddies who never showed up. The old crushes and heartthrobs. The secret smiles and the hidden looks.
The waiting shed is getting ready to take more of us. Just 100 more days. From around the world they are coming. In multiples. With families. To rewind, to rebond, to rekindle.
Throwback Online has been rocking all the way, with 20,000 views so far

Throwback Online has been rocking all the way. Of late, we have a lot of interactions and activities as well. Stories have been told, memories are shared, Viva voce were taken, series tests are given ( the whole batch got suppli!! for series test-2), AnonyMace is attacking batchmates and knocking them off their wits and On and On. It’s safe place for each one of us to be just ourselves, without judgement or biases.

So far we have 20,000+ views on our website, of which 18,000  within 2017.

Here are some interesting numbers that reflects the increasing motivation from our friends

Site views

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 7.19.07 AM

Average per day unique visitors shows an exponential growth too!

  • Month of Jan: 16
  • Month of Feb: 30
  • Month of Mar: 60
  • Second half of Apr: 120

Throwback is our tagline, Throwback is our greeting, Throwback is our picker upper, Throwback is our Brand!!

Throwback everyone!!!!


  1. Count down starts today.. Incidentally I booked my tickets also today . That waiting shed is calling us back once again. Come on friends, who are still thinking of the responsibilities of work, family, community whatever, find a creative excuse to be there on 12tth August. If you think you will come for 50th year, it may be late. As Nike ad says ” Just do it !”

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  2. Oh ,100days count down started?As it is said for no reason ,we are waiting .. Simply to smile,see the changes…These 25 years we were in a hurry to settle down,busy with our children as parents…when we reach there our mindset will rebound to college students…
    Sometimes I think of what would be our conditions at diamond Jubilee.I am sure we 92 batch mates will maintain the same rapport even at that time.

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  3. Yes. Big day look forward. A large group working to make it a successful and memorable day. Simbly join.


  4. I have booked my ticket for our Throwback. Please don’t blame me for my head weight if I couldn’t recognize any familiar faces. Not because of my fading memory, it’s because of your drastic change.
    Hats Off to all working hard for this event especially to Saji T D who started the engine of our Throwback.
    Let us Throwback to our Battling field MACE through our sweet corner ‘Waiting Shed’.

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