Reminiscing the Days of pride

Being a teacher for the Under Graduate (BBA) students, I feel proud that I was a student of B-tech during the period 1987-92. The campus life had changed in every aspect. I feel sad for today’s students that they are not having a rich campus life as we had experienced.

I miss the inspiring speeches at MACE during the election times given by the SFI leaders. I remember how I used to listen to them, enraptured. Now, I personally think that are very few campus leaders who actually can stand out and speak in front of an audience, very few orators these days, I mean. These days students don’t have the guts to do anything right, let alone any leadership skills. I also remember that the college union in MACE undertook all the responsibility for organizing events like Annual Arts and Sport Days, presenting an event for the teachers that is enormously successful where teachers could just sit back and enjoy. Now, we teachers are entrusted with the responsibility of doing everything. I am doing all these comparisons just because I want to bring out the striking difference of what college was then and what is now.

I am sure; all of us were in the position of regarding our teachers with great respect. Now I am afraid, their so called ‘obedience’ is only for attaining internal marks or attendance. I have gotten hurt several times by the attitude of my students because they don’t show the patience or respect that teachers deserve.

In my batch everyone was genuine and  sincere. By that, I mean that no one had any unnecessary relationships in our course. At least, not insincere ones. Why keep a relation when you aren’t sincere? Those days all friendships were true to our hearts. Not today! It’s pathetic to know that relationships today are only for purposes, for example- write assignments, notes or just for time pass. Just after a year, both of them go away separate paths without any regrets.

Amidst all these, there is some goodness in some of them that inspires me to continue this profession. During these 20 years, I have taught students who see me as a good teacher, a good friend, a good sister and a good mother. So I consider myself lucky to be teacher for many and I am trying my level best to pass on my knowledge and have the power to influence good changes in them.

I miss my roomies Neethi, Sunitha and Minima….I am indebted to my class mates, hostel mates…Dears…We had a golden time…We are blessed…..

We had so many good friends and very intelligent minds to give us company. They added spice to our lives and became a part of us.  That is why when we look back we still become that teenagers .
We indeed had an incredible student life to cherish and it gave a lot of strength for our future too. I hope the jubilee meet will once again strengthen our friendship.

Dr. Swapna V Muhammed


  1. Imagine if parotta incident happened today at any campus, 😞 what will be happening? Idimury, suspension, fine …..
    Thank God, we are lucky to have such a great campus time
    Well said sopu


  2. I hear same story from one of my classmates also who is a teacher at an Engg College now. Its become more of spoon feeding now. The lessons and assignments do not take you anywhere. Its the life skills that matter. Hope our engg colleges will realize it someday and empower students in learning themselves


  3. Reminded us of many incidents ..Porotta and Chillichicken was the fine for defeating in card game , malayalam speaking during combine study…Etc etc ..
    Teachers like you having positive attitude will intimate a spark to change….MATTATHINTE SABDAM KELKKUNNILLE…..
    Well said Soap…..


  4. “ലോലമാം ക്ഷണമേ വേണ്ടൂ ബോധം ഉള്ളിൽ ജ്വലിക്കാനും
    മാലണയ്ക്കും തമസ്സാകെ മാഞ്ഞുപോകാനും ”
    (കുമാരനാശാൻ, കരുണ)
    (Split second is enough to trigger the sparkle of inner light
    There by dispelling the darkness of evil)

    “We did belong to the last of the romantic generation which started from the 60s through 70s. Not the romance of Facebook or Instagram, nor the ones moral police’s roving eyes are always looking for. Our generation had the romantic attachment to life as wholesome. Having good grades were the least of our priorities. Career was never thought of or discussed even though we assumed that we would be successful ‘somehow’. Our job in college was to get through the five years and enter into the world which will solve all our problems.” ( Ramesh P, “I had no clue when I first shifted the gears”
    ) 🙂


  5. Nice to know u, n ur today’s attire of life … Teaching by principle is a very noble activity…

    It’s great to know that u still have very simple approach and …..truly very nostalgic gesture when u recount those golden days of MACE ….it is really commendable to know u still compare ur present life instances with standards of yesterday or yesteryears …


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