A tribute to our friends who walked along with us


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A tribute to our friends who walked along with us

Still walk with us in our MACE memory lane

Who were eager to reach the Eternal Kingdom

Why did you ran faster than us?

Why didn’t you wait for our Throwback?

Then we could have sit together and giggle

Chat, shout and tease; our laughter as in MACE

Our friendship is a treasure, shines like a diamond

It is a gift box, whenever opens it makes us laugh

It is a garden with full of roses and jasmines

No farewell words were ever spoken from us

The fact that you are no longer with us

Aches our heart; sad and terrible

But you are forever in our heart

Your smiley face, cheeky laugh deep in our heart

You can’t be erased from us as long as memory lives

You walk beside us; unseen, unheard, but always near

You are still loved even though missed forever

This is a journey, a journey started from mother’s womb

A journey with an EXIT to our Eternal Kingdom

We all are in the Que, but why did you jumped the que?

F is a Field of Amusement

R is a Root of Happiness

I is an Island of Support

E is the End of Sorrow

N is a Nest of Love

D is the Door of Understanding

You are the true FRIEND, can’t be missed from our heart

Offer our prayers, what else you need my FRIEND

Bless us from Heaven, our Throwback

Will meet again in the Eternal Kingdom.



  1. Rai, you have penned down our feelings. I still remember so much about the day we went to Saritha’s home. May all our friends’s soul rest in peace. We are also in the same queue.. only that our position is little behind them.


  2. Can anybody put all the details who did mass cut all the earthly assignments and escaped from us? Full name, class, year of demise, photo, their family etc.


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