AnonyMace(TM) Attack

AnonyMaceTM – the name says it all. It tracks down people from our batch; one at a time and ask them interesting questions.

As long as the answers are interesting enough, it will not trouble you more. It then passes on the answers over here. No one knows who AnonyMace really is. Could it be an AI powered Robot? May be. All that matters for us is how good the questions are and how good the answers are. Count down started. Watch this space!

Are there ways to avoid AnonyMace attacks? Hey, it is Your Invisible Buddy, not a trouble. But our study so far says the following

  1. If you have a profile published already on the site, you may be of less interest to AnonyMace. You keep hiding, it will track you down.
  2. If you are a woman, we know its tough, but avoid these three – അഹങ്കാരം, പത്രാസ്, കുർത്ത മുനയുള്ള ചെരുപ്പ്.
  3. If you are a guy, well, you never had much choices in life anyways.



  1. I came to know only when it sent me some funny questions based on my own experiences!! But good thing is there were no purely personal questions; or you could skirt around with funny answers to such questions. But it did have info such as my phone number, email id and even knew where I stayed while at MACE!


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