Passing on the gifts…

It was a beautiful morning….

She slowly walked into my room. She needed my help to score good marks in few engineering subjects. She told me her parents have some money related issues. So I decided to teach her without taking any fees. The first year exams were done well. With God’s grace she became her college topper. Third semester classes began. On August 8th, a day I will never forget… early morning we received a horrible news that her mother was found dead in their kitchen. Police case…money lenders who were frequently troubling them … suicide related issues. The next morning we realized that her father and brother had gone into hiding leaving her all alone.

Finally my husband Cherian told me, “We will look after her studies.” With God’s grace she studied very well and I still remember that beautiful day when I sat beside her in the front row when she received the University Rank for B Tech. She is now married and settled in Singapore.

As a teacher God has send into my life’s way many poor Engineering students, who needed my help to pass their difficult subjects. I feel happy that God used me as an instrument to help many students pass B Tech with good marks. My Father-in-law’s B Tech Tuition Centre was a boon to many students with back papers. Even today our Teachers in MACE tell their students with a lot of back papers, “Go to our old student Reena in Tripunithura.”

Whatever I am today is a gift from the life @ MACE. Our wonderful Teachers, great friends, hostel mates who stood by my side, forgetting their assignments, test papers… who never slept, when I suffered with breathing difficulty. Unselfish friends who cut their class to be with me when I was hospitalized.

My second graduation in Electronics & Communication, M Tech in Applied Electronics, MBA, Ph.D are all the results of the love for Engineering that MACE instilled within me.


HoD EEE, KMEA Engg College. Ernakulam.


  1. Nice memories. I think teachers are the richest people. When students achieve high in their life , teacher also is part of it. Like a tree is known for its fruits …. God bless you to help more young lives who come across your path.


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