Updated Event Details and Timing Info

The big weekend we were all waiting for is getting closer. Here is a closer look of what is brewing and what we can expect.

Here is a detailed program flow

Saturday Aug 12, 2017

Venue: Marriott Kochi

  • 12:30 PM:                 Check-in starts at hotel. Look for Throwback logo.
  • 12:30 to 2:30 PM:    Lunch available at hotel for all staying guests from 
  • 2:30 to 4:30 PM:      Class breakout sessions; stroll down the memory lane and refresh your visual memories from Selfie Page.
  • 4:30 to 5:00 PM:     Tea break
  • 5:00 to 6:00 PM      Pose for good photo shoots for our Media archives.
  • 6:00 to 7:30 PM      Meet all the faces behind the Assignments. Try unmasking AnonyMace. Get into Current Affairs debates. And do a live Viva Voce as well
  • 6:00 PM                    Stage Program starts
    • Prayer song (Neha Sanil)
    • Prayers for departed (silence)
    • Address by core committee members (Anil, Saji, Riyaz)
    • Orchestra starts (batchmates) (6.30 to 08.00 PM)
    • One simple round of intro by class reps (08.00 to 08.45 PM)
    • Dinner and bar (runs parallel) – for all registered guests 08:00 to 11.30 PM
    • Entertainment  – external and others 08:45 PM to Midnight
      • The two main singers will be Madhu Balakrishnan and Renjini Jose accompanied by  a 9/11 member professional orchestra
    • Closure with midnight tea and coffee. (Ahem, straight back to bed please!)

Sunday Aug 13, 2017

വരൂ പോകാം നമുക്ക് സഖാവിന്രെ കൂടെ – അനശ്വര പ്രണയത്തിന്രെ സ്‌മൃതിമണ്ഡപത്തിനുമുന്നിൽ ഒരുപിടി പൂക്കളർപ്പിക്കാൻ.

Prepare yourself before the meet by browsing through Rai’s thirumuttam series.

  • Breakfast for staying guests at hotel from 7:00AM to 10:00AM
  • Check out until 9:30 AM
  • Departure to college (by buses/own vehicle): Between 9:30AM and 10:00AM
  • Formal function at college
    • 12:00 Noon             Prayer song
    • 12:05 PM                 Silent Prayers for departed: 
    • 12:07 PM                 Welcome by Saji T.D.
    • 12:10 PM                 Presidential address Dr. Soosan George T., Principal, MACE
    • 12:15 PM                 Address by Chief Guest Dr.Winny Varghese
    • 12:20 PM                 Address by Guest of Honour – Dr.J. Issac 
    • 12:25 PM                 Meet our elected student representatives
      • Hari Kumar – Ex Chairman, Neethi  Ashok- Ex Vice Chairman, John Emmanuel – Ex sports secretary, Basil – Ex Magazine Editor, Rajesh M Jose – Ex Magazine Editor, Manoj S -Ex Arts Club Secretary, Pramod M – Ex Arts Club Secretary, Kishore George- Ex Sports Secretary
    • 12:30 PM                   Honoring teachers by class reps
    • 12:45 PM                   Honoring the rank holders by Dr. J Issac 
    • 01:00 PM                   Honoring the doctorates by Dr.Soosan George 
    • 01:10 PM                   Charity Endowment Initiation by Suresh P.A.
    • 01:25 PM                   Vote of thanks by Riyaz Muhammad

Lunch served from 01:30 PM till 03:00 PM

After lunch, play the game of I Spy and take pictures too: 

Walk around the campus, in that ഓർമ്മകൾ മേയുന്ന തിരുമുറ്റത്ത്‌, show our families where we grew up freelyreminisce the days of pride and where the great stories were formed and dreams took shape!  

Don’t miss the resort living aka L Block, the “colorful” LH where daylight robberies of assignment papers got converted into parottas and the walls that the night raiders scaled night after night

Visit the Imperial Haile Selassie Hall where the Royals lived and witnessed kudamaattam and the “secret hostel” where the Khalnayak was caught by the Nayikamaar etc.  

If you can reach early enough, do put your kaanikka at Parathottukavu and be sure to pay your tributes at the Padathamma prathishta near Electrical Lab.

Wrap up at 04:30 PM


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