Hands of destiny

As I sat down with a paper and pencil to write the weekly grocery list,
I saw my handwriting and wondered it is so different!
The long lists of scribbling made me look at the hands closely.
They don’t look anything close to a lady’s hands,
But more like a car mechanic’s, wide and strong.
How could I take them for so granted, I hardly knew their presence.
I only see the keyboard and the screens of the gadgets I use,
Not the fingers that does all the work
They cut the vegetables, cook my meals and serve it hot
But after I eat, I see my fingers only to lick the last drops
They’re never tired – even when I sleep they serve as a headrest,
When I am tensed – I crack their knuckles without asking them
When I cried – they were so kind to wipe my tears
As an infant my hands were the first thing I could sense,
As a wife I gave my hand to my husband
As a mum I led my children, holding their hands
So many gifts have been taken and given through them.
So many great meals were enjoyed using them.
How could I take them for so granted, I hardly knew their presence.
I can appreciate someone with a touch of my hands,
I can also punish someone with the same hand.
I know a signature can change the flow of my life
What a wonder! A fingerprint carries my whole identity!
An expert may predict the whole life from my palm.
What more I need to learn to give them a thumps up?
I look around and see a handful of hands
That can change the destiny of the world,
I wonder what destiny my own hands will discover!


  1. Wonderful observations and insights, Neethi! I remember one of my friends talking about her earliest wonder was her own hands, when she was a very small kid… Was it you?!


    1. Thank you Saina and Riyaz… yes we make pretty much everything with our hands. If they go on strike our world will change. Saina, I don’t think it was me. since it is a universal phenomena – like babies discover their hands we all can relate to it.


  2. Now I can see why babies look at their hands – they should be getting the feel that when they can get their hands move as they want. But as we grow, its sad that we lose the sense that we can drive our destiny by telling our hands to do what our brains say is right! Thanks Neethi !


  3. Iron hands of a daughter, wife, mum and more. The hands that lead the entire world. I’m writing this in front of my 79 years old mum who is cutting vegetables to cook for me and my family. Still she enjoys feeding her 46 years old baby with her hands. Well done Neethi;
    at least we ladies should appreciate our HANDS.


  4. കൈപ്പടം നിവർത്തി ഇമ തല്ലാതെ രവി നോക്കി നിന്നു
    വരണ്ട കൈവരകൾക്കുമേൽ ചോരയുടെ പുതുമഴത്തുള്ളികൾ ഊറിക്കിടന്നു….
    (ഖസാക്കിൻന്റെ ഇതിഹാസം)


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