Salute my nation, that let me dream!

Salut to the Republic
As it turns sixty seven,
But has only started warming up
and has miles to go before it sleeps

You yet can spy tears in the yarn, but
Can’t miss how complex the fabric is
The vibrant and vivid colors it presents
and the warp and weft keeping it strong

You yet can see potholes on the road, but
Can’t ignore the amount of people it carries
The way it moves hopes and hearts
of the souls yearning to fly

You yet may face red tapes, still
Amazing is the progress we’ve had thus far
Thanks to the sons and daughters, who
brought the pride back to the land

The Indian Dream is not a hashtag
But a fact that keeps us proud
The dream ‘we shall overcome’,
of all men and women; cast and color

Lets salute our nation today
But remember we’ve promises to keep
And miles to go before we sleep
and miles to go before we sleep


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